You may already know Nikky Lyle. She’s the Creative Recruiter who really knows her stuff when it comes to helping creatives secure their dream roles in the industry. With over 10 years of experience, Nikky has amassed a fair few accolades and achievements. Including being one of The Dots’ 100+ rising stars, a D&AD President Judge in 2020, a Domestika Teacher, and a TEDx 2021 Speaker. We can’t help but love Nikky for her commitment to inclusivity, something we feel equally passionate about here at TCO. Read on to discover how she plans to further support under represented and marginalised creative talent through a new collaborative, her happy place by the sea, and her thoughts on the challenges we face, and ‘the future leaders who are being forged in these tough times’ who will overcome them.


Nikky, what’s your creative occupation?

Creative recruitment with conscience. I’m also founder of Graphic Design Jobs UK and Vice President of Post Quarantine. I’m also a regular speaker and mentor in the industry with Kerning the Gap, Outvertising and D&AD.

I’d say, just over half of my time is spent placing graphic designers in jobs and the other half is trying to create as much industry content as possible to replace walls with doors, and to make the creative industry more inclusive.

I also have CV, Portfolio, Cover Letter and Freelance guides too, which a lot of people have told me they’ve found super helpful over the years.

Where have you been?

I grew up in Folkestone then moved to Falmouth for uni. I lived all around London for 8 years and, in the 2nd lockdown, I moved back to Folkestone again.


I’m committed, more than ever, to helping close the gender pay gap… but also all pay gaps that exist for all under represented and marginalised talent in our industry.


Where are you now?

In a little place by the sea in Folkestone. I’m very involved in the local community down here. I run a night called ‘Damp Disco’ as my side hustle a few times a year. I love being back by the sea and I think Folkestone has so much potential; there’s more creative people moving here all the time who want to bring real positive change to the town.

Where are you going?

I’m in the process of transforming Graphic Design Jobs. We have big plans wherein the job board will be used to fund UpSkool, a collaborative I’m in the process of setting up.

The hopes are that UpSkool will help to support under represented creative talent in the industry, by offering free bursaries for courses, which will help upskill people, plug some talent gaps, and help people find their feet and thrive.

I’m committed, more than ever, to helping close the gender pay gap… but also all pay gaps that exist for all under represented and marginalised talent in our industry.

Finally, what’s occupying your thoughts today?

It seems a very unfair and unjust time in the world right now. Energy companies are turning over a profit and leaving households seriously out of pocket, and our current government are just continuously letting us down.

The trans community are being attacked regularly by the main steam media.

I see the need for change and I believe more and more people in this country are seeing it too. The saying goes “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” …there’s very much a “It’s broken, we need to fix it” realisation happening. Difficult times are when you see real problem-solving, grit and strength.

I’m looking forward to seeing the future leaders who are being forged in these tough times, who want to fight back.

Absolutely! Thank you for sharing your journey, Nikky. Check out Nikky’s Insta and website to learn more about her latest projects.

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