The Creative Occupation is an inclusive and supportive community for all creatives to build meaningful connections and grow in skills and confidence.

To ensure that it remains a nurturing space where we feel free to connect, share and learn together, we ask that our membership (this includes our team, partners, supporters etc.) abide by the following statements.

We are engaged.

That means we commit to being active in this community. We reach out, participate and feed back.

We are kind.

That means we’re supportive and helpful to other members. We are open-minded, respect boundaries and behave with integrity, always.

We honour privacy.

That means we keep what’s said in our conversations with other members confidential, not repeating or quoting things without consent.

We champion inclusion.

That means we celebrate diversity and never, ever discriminate.

We don’t tolerate harassment. End of story.

That means that threats, offensive language or any form of inappropriate behaviour have no place here. If you are being harassed, get in touch with us straight away so that we can take swift and appropriate action.

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